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The Engineering Curmudgeon - Blog

Providing Innovative Solutions to Complex Engineering Problems

Are you an inventor or entrepreneur developing a new product?

Are you frustrated with your progress?

Do you need technical assistance?

Innovative Thermal Solutions helps companies turn ideas into products. We have the engineering expertise to go from concept to volume production.

We specialize in new product development.

Your company can significantly increase sales and profitability by introducing cutting-edge new products that please and delight your customers. I provide the technical expertise and experience to turn ideas into successful commercial products. I specialize in mechanical and thermal product development.

Turn your ideas into profit.

Working together we will turn innovative new ideas into exciting products that grow your business. You will enjoy a boost in customer satisfaction along with a solid reputation for product innovation and excellence. Your profitability and market share will soar with the successful launch of new and exciting products.

What our clients say.

Although I typically work with US Manufacturing companies, I recently worked with a U.S. based client that manufactures consumer products in China for sale in the USA and Europe. Their development of a new product was stalled because they were having a major motor burn out problem. We tested the product and worked directly with the Chinese manufacturer to redesign the fan assembly, specifying and qualifying a new motor and fan that solved the problem. We helped build prototypes and test the new design. The product went on to be a big success in the market, helping the company to grow their business by attracting new customers. Here is what the client had to say…….

Bob is a true professional. EXTREMLY KNOWLEDGEABLE, PROMPT, COURTEOUS AND TIMELY. Bob exceeded our expectations every step of the way and came in well within budget. If only every service provider was like this! We will use him again.

Contact me to get started.

Call me to get started right away, or I am happy to send you a complimentary subscription to my monthly newsletter “Innovative Solutions” with information and tips on new product development. Just go to contact us to sign up. As a bonus, I’ll send you my free report “The 10 Laws of Design and Development.”

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