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List of Clients

Abatement Technologies, Inc.

Advanced Inhalations Revolutions, Inc. (Air-2)

Aspen Systems, Inc.

Embraco (Brazil)

Hill Phoenix

Hunter Manufacturing

Johnson Marcraft


Tecumseh Products Co.

Numerous Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Case Studies


  • Challenge 
    • Quickly design a high ambient Military Environmental Control Unit (ECU) to meet stringent specifications and schedule
  • Solution 
    •  System simulation to evaluate refrigerant and component alternatives
    • Proof of concept testing to validate simulation model results
    •  System simulation to finalize component selection and system performance
  • Benefit 
    • Computer simulation allows rapid evaluation of many alternative designs at many operating conditions 
    • Limited testing required to confirm results

“Bob and the entire Design Services Network team were very responsive to our needs. They worked long hours, including testing on weekends to accommodate our very tight schedule. Their refrigeration system expertise was very helpful in defining our overall system design. Especially valuable was their ability to work directly with key suppliers such as Copeland to obtain the required pre-release performance data and sample test components. I look forward to working with them again.”

James Sackett
Program Manager
Hunter Manufacturing Company

insulated box

  • Challenge
    •  Develop a low cost temperature controlled, insulated package with stringent thermal requirements
  • Solution 
    •  Feasibility study using simulation analysis and simple testing
    • Concept development using thermal analysis, prototype fabrication and testing
  • Benefit
    • Limited financial exposure until idea is proven feasible 
    • Limit project cost and risk during concept development 
    • Create a new product to grow business and delight customers.

“We have enjoyed working with Bob and Innovative Thermal Solutions on a new product that will revolutionize our business.  Bob's expertise in technical matters, product testing, and professional advice regarding the feasibility and concept development of the product allowed us to make informed decisions about moving forward with the project.  We continue to work with Innovative Thermal Solutions in developing this new technology and look forward to his expertise helping put this new product into full production.”


  Udi Balva                 Dan Boiangin
  CEO                       President
  Forever Blossoms    Trans World                               Forwarding,Inc.

More Testimonials

Bob Utter recently joined Design Services Network, and in only a few months has delivered critical solutions to clients.  Bob has shown excellence in thermal and mechanical system design, has demonstrated a "can do" attitude, and has solved problems for our customers.

                                                  ......Rob Lehman, Managing Diriector
                                                        Design Services Network

Innovative Thermal Solutions did a great job at taking a concept and turning it into a finished CAD model. I will continue to work with them on many future projects.                             
                                                         ……. Inventor and Entrepreneur

A true professional. EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE, PROMPT, COURTEOUS AND TIMELY. Bob exceeded our expectations every step of the way and came in well within budget. If only every service provider was like this! We will use him again.                                                      
……CEO, Consumer Product Manufacturer

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