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What services does Innovative Thermal Solutions offer?

Our services range from turnkey product development projects to simple problem solving. We can do as much or as little as you need to insure you receive the best value. And the best part is that when we are done, we leave. No need to increase your ongoing engineering overhead. We provide qualified engineering solutions and product development when and where you need it.

Product and Technology Development
temperature resluts

Innovative Thermal Solutions has extensive experience designing and developing mechanical and heat transfer products. From ideation and concept development to high volume production, we have experience and expertise in every phase of the development and production process.

Our development capabilities and facilities include:

Finite element analysis and computer modeling

SDSWe perform stress and strain analysis of components or assemblies, both steady state and transient heat transfer analysis, and steady and unsteady fluid flow.  We model and optimize HVAC systems using state of the art system simulation software.

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3D CAD design, modeling and drawingsCAD fin & tube
We do all design work using 3D CAD modeling. We are able to exchange design model data with all major CAD systems and we have the ability to work together collaboratively on CAD models in real time.

Affiliate Networknetwork affiliates
We know how to accelerate your rate of innovation, and we use more than rapid computational and simulation techniques to do so. Innovative Thermal Solutions employs an integrated approach involving industrial design, mechanical and thermal analysis, materials selection, electrical systems and controls. Our tools, personnel and experience provide for rapid and accurate component and system engineering. Our affiliates include controls engineers with experience ranging from breadboard layout to PLC programming to design and fully documented specification of embedded controllers. Our materials expertise includes metals, plastics, fibers, insulation, adhesives, coatings and treatments. The team's broad application knowledge and inside relationships with leading equipment manufacturers afford Innovative Thermal Solutions a perspective helpful in both cost reduction and performance optimization.

Prototype fabrication and assembly
Fully staffed and equipped workshops are available to produce proof of concepts and prototypes of your product, allowing you and your customers to fully comprehend the product, its value and promise. Using our tools, we can reduce the total development time and expose critical design issues early in the cycle. Innovative Thermal Solutions has a wealth of experience in this process for many types of mechanical and thermal systems and projects.

Testingtest lab
Innovative Thermal Solutions offers a fully staffed and certified testing laboratory capable of conducting industry standard sanitation and safety assessments, such as NSF and UL tests, or customer-specific performance tests including ASHRAE, ARI, vibration and shipping. Our labs are certified to perform internationally recognized agency tests, and we continue to expand evaluation services into all areas of electrical, food, industrial and life science safety.

  • test lab chamberState-of-the-art sound chambers, controlled ambient rooms, calorimeters and air-flow tunnels allow us to administer a comprehensive plan to ensure critical tests are passed early in the program.
  • Our mechanical labs measure product performance and quality. The team's expertise includes fatigue and failure analysis, sound and vibration, materials evaluation, and chemical analysis.
  • Our systems have the capacity for rapid and voluminous data collection, and our broadband connection makes communicating with clients, regardless of location, a snap. Most importantly, our engineers possess the knowledge for transforming data into information.

Innovative Thermal Solutions is affiliated with Jackson Test Lab. Jackson Test Lab specializes in HALT and HASS testing. HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) is an innovative way to test your prototypes while reducing development cost and time.  Don't make the mistake of letting your customers be the final tester! Product reliability testing at the front end of the process is a good investment. While saving money by doing HALT testing you can generate an innovative future auditing test method called HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen). HASS saves you time and money by reducing future quality auditing costs once the product is in production. Why wait months for an answer to a field failure problem? HASS testing is a useful method to audit the quality of production product without affecting the life of the product tested. The duration of the test is relatively short and yet provides tremendous incite to process and purchase part status.

Quality Improvement and Problem Solving
Obtain financially measurable results through reductions in defects, cycle time and cost by utilizing problem solving that implements irreversible corrective action.
Innovative Thermal Solutions is experienced in selecting and applying the latest in quality improvement tools and techniques in a team based, participative management environment to obtain significant improvements in quality levels, productivity, and cost on both the factory floor and in the office. Tools and techniques include Six Sigma, ISO/QS compliance, structured problem solving, and Quality Function Deployment (QFD).
We can help you reduce working capital and defect rates, increase inventory turns, improve quality and on-time shipping performance and response times. All these cost savings flow to the bottom line to improve your profitability immediately.  We can help you apply Lean Manufacturing and Demand Flow Manufacturing principles to existing or new production processes.
Innovative Thermal Solutions will help you develop a culture of continuous improvement and increase customer satisfaction.

Management Consulting

Project Management
Using a proven phase/gate approach, we work with you to develop a project plan, then manage your project to that plan.

            Phase-Gate Project Management Explained

Lean Product Development
Utilizing the latest state of the art tools and techniques, we can help improve your entire product realization process by minimizing non-value added effort while reducing time to market and improving customer satisfaction.

Innovative Thermal Solutions is experienced in selecting and applying the latest in product realization tools and techniques in a team based, process oriented, procedure driven environment, commonly referred to as Lean Product Development. These tools and techniques include:

  • Product and technology strategy development
  • Portfolio planning
  • Project matrix analysis
  • Phase/gate process management
  • Project management
  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Automation tools and infrastructure
  • Product documentation and control
  • Cost estimating
  • 3D CAD
  • Computer analysis and simulation
  • Finite element analysis

Innovative Thermal Solutions will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your engineering organization.

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